The links below represent some online content that I have found helpful.

HILLSDALE College Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution.

Understanding the balance between entergy and nutrients in our food is of critical importance for our health and the future of our society. The following links are to some food related resources that I have found helpful in understanding of how best to care for myself and my offspring.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth.

The Weston A. Price Foundation web site.

Wheat belly and unintended consequence.

Our currency as currently constituted is causing major disruptions within the US and the world. This video and those that follow expose some of the history of present banking and currency systems. I believe that currency should serve the interest of the people and that inflation is un-necisary and un-desireble. Crypto currencies may represent one of the better ways to move away from our debt based currentcy schemes.

Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 1

Local goverment has a large impact on our daily lives and is generally more approchable and responsive than state or federal office holders. It is also great to get involved by interacting with those who represent you. is a great way to find out how to contact local government offices and officeholders.

I believe that our constitution is the foundation of our society and nation and represents our best hope of protecting the future for our children and grandchildren. Here are some videos related to the 2nd Amendment and the critical need for an armed populace to check the exersize of unrestrained governmental power.

7 Minutes on gun control.

Innocents Betrayed

The Minuteman Prerogative by Nutnfancy

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